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Farmstead is a fresh meat brand which brings you trust, consistency, quality and value – the essential ingredients you look for in a fresh meat supplier.


Provenance and Traceability

We know how important this is to you and, importantly, your customers.

We know exactly where all our meat comes from, right back to the farms.


Trusted Suppliers

We only work with trusted suppliers of quality, professionally butchered meats.


RED TRACTOR Fillet Steaks


Fillet steak is the most highly prized of all the steak cuts; it comes from the tenderloin area and is a muscle that isn’t worked very hard when the animal moves about so it remains very tender and is also a very lean cut of meat. It’s more expensive than many other cuts of steak and so tends to be served in smaller portions.


5 x 227g  £POA


Rump Steaks


Rump steak is the most economical of all the cuts of steaks, lean meat that comes from the powerful hindquarters of the animal. Because the muscle tissue that makes up these cuts of steak is used all the time by the animal and can give toughness to the meat when cooked.


Rump steak can still be delicious and with careful cooking can be lovely grilled.


5 x 227g   £POA


Sirloin Steaks


Just above the tenderloin you’ll find the sirloin, another delicious cut of steak that is tender and pretty lean. The sirloin is covered with a layer of fat that, when cooked properly, melts into the meat making it juicy, tender and delicious.


The sirloin is the perfect steak for pubs and restaurants.


5 x 227g   £POA


Ribeye Steaks


Ribeye steak comes from the rib of the animal. Rib eye steaks are marbled with tiny veins of fat, which far from being unpleasant, melt during the cooking process to give an absolutely delicious, rich and juicy flavour to the meat. Often described as the beefiest tasting of all the cuts of steaks available due to the muscle getting a lot of exercise during its life, rib eye is great grilled, fried or slow roasted to release all of its flavour.


5 x 227g   £POA



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